…Долой преступный воровской оккупационный путинский режим!

How to build a flamethrower (banned by the Russian "court")

I made this a flamethrower for a school science competition and successfully take the first place. Immediately after the competition they took a it to the school museum and work on it was not possible to continue. Next I will tell you how to build a flamethrower.


  • The working fire extinguisher
  • Handle. In my case it handle of trimmer and iron pipe. You can use handlebar of a bicycle
  • A large metal clamp or something similar
  • The handle grip with a cable from a motorcycle or a bicycle brake lever
  • The metal tube
  • The plug with nipple
  • lighter
  • The spring (to return brake handle)
  • Wires and tubes
  • Metal grid


  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Fixing Tools
  • Pliers
  • Welding
  • Wires
  • The black paint

DIY flamethrower

Step 1

Cut extra length of trimmer handle.

Step 2

Fix it in a tube with bigger diameter. Drill them together and insert a bolt with nut.

Step 3

Disassemble the fire extinguisher.

Here you can see a clamp and copper tube:

Step 4

Fix handle on fire extinguisher with clamp.

Step 5

Attach a handle of the clutch or brake to the handle of diy flamethrower.

Step 6

Fasten handle's cable to upper part of trigger of fire extinguisher. Tube of cable must be below lower part of fire extinguisher's trigger (you can see it on 9 step photo). So you pull the handle and trigger pulls too.

Step 7

Fix a spring to handle to make it auto return.

Step 8

Make a thread on thin metal tube and screw it into fire extinguisher's nozzle.

Step 9

Drill a hole in the upper part of fire extinguisher and solder a tube with nipple into it.

Step 10

Another end of copper tube fix with handle tube with a strip of thin metal

How to build a flamethrower's ignition

Step 11

Attach a piezo from lighter to the handle tube, and fasten another lighter nearby.

This is an ignition system in work

Step 12

Almost completed diy flamethrower

Step 13

I cover the forward part of flamethrower with metal grid and paint it all with black color

How it works

Fill your diy flamethrower with any flamable fuel (gasoline, kerosene...), then pump it with air. Then ignite the ignition lighter. Your homemade flamethrower is ready to burn!


I recommend you to watch a very interesting video about the jet rocket flamethrower Bumblebee -M, it is a hundred times more powerful than handade one =) Small buildings are scattered like a cardhouses

Results and tips

  • Diy flamethrower is quite greedy to the fuel
  • Provides continuous three-meter jet of flame
  • Burn any liquid fuel
  • You can use the liquefied gas as fuel, I'm scared of thinking about it
  • Homemade flamethrower very ergonomic, as a chainsaw
  • Cool for burn garbage and bushes in a backyard
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